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Issue 16
Fall 2008

Helping America procrastinate since 1636

December 10, 2023

HSP Comics Fall 2008: DIEGO

Originally from Santiago Chile, Diego Munoz is learning to cope with living in this strange land called America. Difficulty with the English language often leads him to communicate entirely through sketches. As such, he is seldom seen more than a few feet away from his thoroughly filled notebook. When he's not busy drawing cartoons, Diego spends his time as an astrophysicist, studying the cosmos one bad joke at a time. After being harassed by the Editor in Chief for the past few semesters, Diego was finally motivated to draw some cartoons for several articles in the past two issues. If you're ever in dire need of polar bear cartoons, he's your man.  HSP 

Obama Sets Timetable For Personally Killing Bin Laden Sarah Palin to Make First Visit to Continental United States McCain: "I Will Not Rest Until I Am Universally Covered"
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