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Issue 11
Spring 2006

Helping America procrastinate since 1636

June 14, 2024
Larry Summers Boldly Hand Picks Successor to Harvard Presidency
After the recently announced resignation of Harvard President Larry Summers, speculation has run rampant concerning his potential successors. Rumors have ranged anywhere from former US Vice President Al Gore to... (more)

Love in Translation
We all know the scene. It's Springtime and romance is in the air. Boy meets girl through a modern digital interface... (more)


Who's On Tap?
Only the most naïve citizens of the homeland may not realize it, but this represents a typical phone conversation in America Today! A dialogue between two men hell bent on the destruction of America, Freedom, and Our Entire Way of Life!... (more)




LEGO Bionicles Become Sentient


Enough is Enough. I'm Taking Back The Magic Kingdom. -M. M.


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