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Issue 13
Spring 2007

Helping America procrastinate since 1636

December 09, 2023

HSP Comics Winning Cartoons! - Spring 2007

Koldo Lus-Arana (KLAUS)
Harvard Satyrical Press
HSP Comics Contest
Winner! Spring 2007

Luis Miguel (Koldo) Lus Arana (Santurce, Spain, 1976) is an architect and urban planner. In the last years he has worked for SENER Engineering and in his own office. In 2002 he also started his PhD studies in the University of Navarra (Spain), and has collaborated writing articles for several architectural magazines, also directing the section "From the 9th" in Aequus Magazine. Currently he is doing MDES Studies at the Harvard GSD, while developing the reserch for his PhD Thesis: "The Dreamt Cities". His alter ego KLAUS has drawn the "Little Corbu" comics strip since 2003.  HSP 

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