Smart Carbon Productions is the brainchild of the Friedman Brothers, namely Barry Friedman and Andy Friedman...that's me. Barry, now a junior at UCLA, is majoring in Communications, on track for a career in the film industry, doing anything from editing to writing and directing. Right now, he's got the digital camera, the director's chair, and the video editing software, namely Adobe Premiere. I'm a theoretical astrophysicist by trade, so what the hell am I doing making films, you might ask? Well, that's a reasonable question. I guess my answer is, "Why the hell not?". So far, I've been a scriptwriter, logo and website designer, semi-producer, and an actor, in the two films we've made together so far, "System Busy" (Feb 2002), and "Misfortune" (July 2002). I also make a brief cameo in "31" (2001), a film made by Barry Friedman, as do 30 others...It's really cool. Of the most recent two films, we may enter them in various contest like the UCLA Short Takes Festival or whatver. Eventually we'll make the films accessible through this site.

Check out "MISFORTUNE" here.

Check out "SYSTEM BUSY" here.

Also check out "31" here.

Sorry, films not yet online!