Andrew Samuel Friedman

Harvard University, 26 Everett Street, Child Hall, Room 403, Cambridge MA 02138

Phone: (617) 493-4170 or (760) 550-2639 cell

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               Personal Web Page:



Grad. June 1997

Patrick Henry High School, San Diego, California                                                                                  Class Rank: 2   Salutatorian

Grad  Dec. 2001

B.A. University of California, Berkeley                     Double Major: Physics & Astrophysics                   UC Berkeley GPA: 3.92

Spring 2000        

University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia    Butler University Institute for Study Abroad     Butler University GPA: 4.0



Jan. - Mar. 2002

Accepted to Ph.D. programs in Astronomy at Harvard and Caltech, and to Physics Ph.D. programs at Stanford, UCLA, and UCSB


Will attend Harvard in Fall 2002, pursuing a Ph.D. in Astronomy at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics (CFA)

March 2002

Awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship – 3 years to be used over 5-year tenure 2002-2007



See attached UC Berkeley and Butler University transcripts



Summer 2002

Summer Science Program: Teaching Assistant


Happy Valley School, (SSP P.O. Box 850), Ojai Santa Paula Road, Ojai, CA 93024-0850


·        Worked as a paid TA on a 6-wk program guiding 35 bright high school sophomores and juniors on a research project


·        Helped students determine the orbit of an asteroid (the OD) using films taken with an Astrograph, and a measuring engine


·        Taught college level science necessary for the OD: astronomy, physics, mathematics, and computer programming


·        Gave 3 guest lectures (Cellular Automata, Type Ia SNe & the Accelerating Universe, The Fundamental Constants of Physics)


·        Gave several HW and OD tutorials including the differential correction to the OD, wrote and graded HW assignments


·        Organized recreational activities: Sports, Beach Trips, Parties, Plan to return in Summer 2003

1/99 – 6/02

Lick Observatory Supernova Search (L.O.S.S.): Undergraduate Research Assistant 


727 Campbell Hall, Berkeley CA, 94720


·        Used IRAF image processing software to check images of possible supernova candidates


·        Discovered 7 supernovae - (1999bh, 1999bx, 1999ej, 1999gb, 2000fa, 2001L& 2001ae)


·        See images at the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT) website


·        Performed photometry to obtain U, B,V, R, and I light curves for supernova 2000cx, 1998dh, and others in future


·        Spoke at undergraduate research poster presentation, completed senior honors thesis in Physics for supernova research


·        Wrote ~100 pg. training manual on generating supernovae light curves

Fall 2001

Undergraduate Infrared Astronomy Laboratory:  Astronomy 122 Student  


705 Campbell Hall, Berkeley CA, 94720


·        Learned Unix operating system, IDL (Interactive Data Language) Programming, and LaTeX document formatting


·        Acquired skills in statistics, error analysis, CCD pixel array imaging, image processing software, & data analysis techniques


·        Took observations remotely from Campbell Hall using The Leuschner Observatory 30-inch telescope and Infrared Camera


·        Wrote 5 detailed lab reports (See them online in .pdf or .ps formats) at

Fall 2001

Astronomy 10 – Introductory Astronomy: Teaching Assistant   


601 Campbell Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Worked as a paid Teaching Assistant for an ~850 student, introductory Astronomy course taught by Prof. Alex Filippenko


·        Led two discussion sections, held office hours, led group tutoring sessions, wrote and graded student quizzes


·        Attended lecture, group meetings, T.A. training sessions, entered grades, responsible for discussion section enrollment


·        Did volunteer tutoring at The Astronomy Learning Center (TALC), Led Star Parties,

8/00 - present

Berkeley Scientific Journal:   Staff Writer / Graphic Designer   


351 Campbell Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Designed journal covers and selected graphics for Spring 2001, Fall 2001, & Spring 2002 issues


·        Published three articles, led two faculty interviews (Check out the BSJ website at

Spring 1999

English 198: Science Fiction:    Student Instructor   


322 Wheeler Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Designed course syllabus, course flyer, and organized course materials: novels, short stories, radio, television, & film


·        Prepared lectures, led weekly discussion sections, read and graded student papers, coordinated administration of course

Spring 2001

Student Learning Center:    Physics/Astronomy Tutor   


Cesar E. Chavez Student Center, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Volunteer physics and astronomy tutor during drop in hours, attended tutor training sessions

6/95 - 8/97

Sounds Write Productions, Inc.:    Graphic Designer / Office Worker   


6685 Norman Lane, San Diego CA 92120


·        Designed company logo, 3 album covers and 1 songbook cover, worked in shipping room, organized filing system



1. W.D. Li, A.V. Filippenko, R.R.Treffers, A. Friedman, E. Halderson, R.A. Johnson, J.Y. King, M. Modjaz, M. Papenkova, Y. Sato, and T. Shefler,  

     The Lick Observatory Supernova Search”, Cosmic Explosions, 2000, ed. S. Holt and W.W. Zheng, New York, American Institute of Physics.

2. W.D. Li, A.V Filippenko, and A. Friedman.  Photometric Observations of 30 Nearby Type Ia Supernovae.”, Paper in Progress

3. Friedman, Andy. “The Fabric of Reality.”  Berkeley Scientific Vol. 5 Issue 1. Spring 2001, pp. 28-30

4. Friedman, Andy. “Fundamental Constants of Physics: The Genes of the Universe.” Berkeley Scientific Vol. 5 Issue 2. Fall 2001, pp. 100-104

5. Friedman, Andy. “The Fundamental Distinction Between Brains and Turing Machines.” Berkeley Scientific Vol. 6 Issue 1 Spring 2002, pp.

6. Friedman, Andy. “The Lick Observatory Supernova Search:  Type Ia Supernovae, Cosmology, and the Accelerating Universe”, Senior Honors

    Thesis in Physics, UC Berkeley. Advisors: Prof. Alex Filippenko (Astronomy) & Prof. Richard Muller (Physics), December 2001 (22 pages)

7. Friedman, Andy. “How to Generate Supernova Light Curves: Photometry with the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope and its Application to 

    Type Ia Supernovae, Cosmology, and the Accelerating Universe”, The Lick Observatory Supernova Search, Spring 2002 (97 pages)



2002 - 2007

·        National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship

March 2002

·        Awarded James Mills Pierce Fellowship, Harvard University

December 2001

·        Graduated with Highest Honors in Physics, UC Berkeley (completed senior honors thesis)

December 2001

·        Graduated with Highest Distinction in General Scholarship, UC Berkeley

December 2001

·        Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Berkeley Chapter

12/97 – 12/01

·        Dean’s Honors List, College of Letters & Science

12/97 – present

·        Golden Key National Honor Society


·        Bausch & Lomb Science Award


·        National Merit Scholar Qualifier



·        Windows 95/98/XP, Unix

·        IDL Programming

·        Internet Explorer/ Netscape

·        Palm Desktop

·        Microsoft Word, Excel

·        LaTeX Document Formatting

·        Quark Express

·        Eudora Pro

·        HTML, website design

·        IRAF software packages

·        Adobe Photoshop

·        Intro JAVA

·        Power Point

·        The Sky, CCDsoft

·        Adobe Premiere (beginner)




1990 - present

Website and Graphic Design                                                                  


·        Personal website:


·        Astronomy 122 : Undergraduate Infrared Astronomy Lab website:


·        Designed company logo, 3 album covers, 1 songbook cover for Sounds Write Productions Inc.


·        Designed company logo, Information Pamphlet, Banner, and T-Shirt for Borrego Solar Systems

·        Designed original website

2002 - present



·        Wrote 2 screenplays, and along with my brother Barry Friedman helped write, produce, edit, direct, and act in two short films:


·        “System Busy” (February 2002), and “Misfortune” (September 2002).  Filmed w/ digital camera, edited w/ Adobe Premiere.


·        Designed logo for our mock film company, “Smart Carbon Productions”

8/97 - present

Intramural Sports: Ultimate Frisbee   Team Manager   


Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Organized team, responsible for games and practices, coordinating with intramural office, 6 time tournament finalist


·        Designed Team Logo and T-Shirts

1989 - present

Experience Abroad:

2/00 - 8/00

·        Spent a semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. Toured country.


·        Traveled internationally to Israel, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Australia, and New Zealand. (and to 26 U.S. states)

8/97 – 12/01

Society of Physics Students,   Member   275 LeConte Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720


·        Attended Physics department colloquia, undergraduate research poster presentations, various student events


General GRE:   700 Verbal     750 Quantitative    780 Analytical
Physics GRE:  700
SAT: 1430   720 Verbal   710 Math