Government understands the value of solar electricity and is encouraging its use by reducing the net cost to the level of current fossil-fuel power plants.

For residences: The state of California will pay 50% of the cost up to $4,500 per kW. To qualify for the rebate you must submit a reservation form, a letter-of-intent or purchase agreement with the installing company, and proof of current electric use. If approved, the California Energy Commission (CEC) will send a confirmation notice. The purchaser has 9 months to present proof of the final installation. A rebate check is then sent to the purchaser or installer, as mutually agreed upon.

For small businesses: There is a 10% Federal tax credit and 5-year ACRS depreciation. In addition, the same state rebate as residences is applied on the net cost. This can reduce the net cost by 66%. Our Sizing Options shows how these incentives may effect you.

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