Here's an initial cover design and the final front and back covers for the Spring 2002 issue, but the ultimate design ended up looking quite different than the initial idea which stressed the question of whether our brains are just organic computers.

We also went with a back cover for the first time, using the standard BSJ logo on black. Its a step up from just listing the web page in white font.

In the end, we decided to put a couple of people on the cover, and emphasize the Neuroscience topic by revealing their brains, which are appropriately textured with wild, colorful, fractal patterns that emphasize the complexity of the brain and mesh well with the neuron-like fractals in the background. As it turned out, we decided to use people from the BSJ staff as the cognitive guinea pigs, and the volunteers happened to be Margaret and yours truly. Tom took the shots with his digital camera and we chose the most appropriate ones that revealed the most brain activity. So I've finally made it onto the cover of a magazine! (Please ignore the fact that I designed it...GQ should be calling shortly.) This also marks an interesting Friedman family tradition as my Dad ended up on the first cover I designed. Needless to say, I've been a bit biased in this regard.

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