Here's a look at the initial design and final cover of the Spring 2001 issue of the Berkeley Scientific Journal. The theme of the issue was Government Policy in Science.

As it turns out, the man at the chalkboard is none other than my dad. As you can see from the initial pencil drawn cover design, we wanted the faces to be blank, stressing the anonymity of scientists and science policy makers to the general public, but we didn't want to have to render a scientist and a politician in Photoshop. So I said, "Dad, how would you like to be the scientist? Your friend Alan's got a digital camera, right? So they took some photos and e-mailed them to me within a day. Alan is the government guy, by the way. After the painstaking process of cutting them out in Photoshop, and putting them in with the rest of the images that my friend Tom and I made using Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, there it all is, pretty true to the initial design. Technology sucks, doesn't it?

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